Results of the financial year 2017

Results of the financial year 2017

2017 became another financially good year for IST, which continues to gain marketshares in all homemarkets. We grew by more than 10 percent, delivered 10 percent in profit, and has invested 70 million in new products.

By 2017, IST has grown with around 100 people and now has over 400 employees.

We entered a brand new market, Germany, by acquiring the company RDT. We made four additional acquisitions during the year; shared ownership of Schoolido, Skolon and Jarocka in Sweden and acquisition of UDDATA in Denmark.

The plan is to hire at least one person per week to year 2020 and to continue to grow, both organically and with acquisitions.

Financial key figures for 2017

1 Turnover 386 MSEK (351 MSEK)
1 Profit EBITDA MSEK 36 (MSEK 50)
1 R & D investments 70 MSEK (67 MSEK)
1 Sales growth 10% (7%)

Important events during the year

1 IST entered the German market and acquired the Edtech company RDT, Ramcke Datentechnic GmbH, with offices in Neritz and Schmalkalden and 40 employees.
1 Another four acquisitions were completed in 2017; Schoolido, Skolon and Jarocka in Sweden as well as UDDATA in Denmark.
1 A brand new business area was started, IST Home, focusing on the role of home in the learning process. In connection with the establishment, a new office was opened in Linköping.
1 IST launched ten years of cooperation with Linnéuniversitetet and invested 10 MSEK in research into digital learning processes.
1 The cloud-based overall solution IST Everyday was launched with the edtech products IST Administration, IST Learning, IST Schedule and IST Home.

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