About IST

About IST

The Purpose

“The purpose with IST is to do something of importance to society.
To do that really well, is what matters to me.”

Björn Sundeby, Founder and Chairman of the Board

IST’s history is not only a story about a company, it’s also a story about its founder, Björn Sundeby. An energetic man with many ideas and a strong enterprising drive. In 1982 he saw that programmimg and computers was a thing of the future. For over thirty years now IST have had a distinct focus on providing systems and service for schools and municipalies. The work continue and so does the story.

Core Values

Honest – we are trustworthy and reliable. We always keep our promises and we never promise more than we can deliver, therefor we can, and want to be, held accountable for our actions and decisions.
Professional – we are business oriented and work with customer benefits in focus in everything we do.  
Creative – we are passionate about new ideas and we continuously develop, integrate and find use for new technology. Through cooperation and communication we make the most of our resources and find new ways to help schools improve and be more efficient.


"Everyone is entitled to a good school."

Ever since IST was founded, we have contributed in making schools and childcare facilities better. We believe that everyone, children and students of all ages, is entitled to a good school and we are committed to play our part. Now and in the future we are helping people and organizations to learn more.


”With our experience, knowledge and technology we make sure everyone Learn more.”

Our mission is to provide everyone  working in or with schools, with the tools they need to do their job as well as possible. By listening to those who use our systems we make sure administrators, principals, preschool teachers, daycare leaders, teachers, parents and students have more time for what’s important.

Management Team

This is Tommy Eklund who took on the role of CEO at IST in 2015. In the time since Tommy became CEO IST has taken distinct steps to becoming the modern Edtech company it is today. During Tommy’s management the new Vision – Everyone is entitled to a good school – was defined and with the new Business to Consumer market of IST Home and parents as a new customer group IST is now involved with every part of childrens’ learning. The Management Team consists of seven people. Read more about Tommy and the Management Team here:

Management Team.


Revenue: 350 MSEK
Markets: Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Employees: 300
Offices: 5
Users: 5 million users in some 400 municipals

Annual report 2016

Our social responsibility

A strong social responsibility permeates everything we do at IST. Our conviction and main source of motivation is that everyone should be allowed to develop and live a meaningful life. On their own terms and based on their circumstances. Read more here:

IST social responsibility.

We are the TwISTers

We make great things happen. We write code that can change the world. We listen to and learn from our customers, the people who depend on us. We challenge each other and conventions. We help one another grow and we constantly evolve by never stop learning. We are the TwISTers. You can become one too.

Welcome to our World

Linda Wallin

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