Smart communication between administrators and guardians.


Smart communication between administrators and guardians.

IST Applications for Childcare

This is a modern administrative system that gives users access to relevant services around the clock. Here you will find information about everything from which preschools, day care and locations are available, to functions for application, queue management, and placement. IST applications gives the municipality full control of all administrative processes and all associated units. It also has features that make it easier for guardians and administrators to communicate with each other effectively and safely. You will also find features that make the administrator's daily work easier when lists, invoices, notifications to guardians and similar routine tasks can be done quickly and easily. The administrator can also communicate with guardians by mail, email or text messages in the different phases of the process. IST applications provides those responsible with a clearer overall picture and the tools to make daily activities maximally efficient. Always accessible, easy to use and very effective.

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