Communication in a digital world.

Communication in a digital world.

Communication in a digital world. 

The dialogue between school and parents has become increasingly important. Not all that long ago students brought home paper documents to be filled in and returned. In today's digitized world, we are more used to communicating via mobiles, tablets and computers, which are both simpler and faster. Moreover, it is more likely that the information reaches the recipient.  If your child's school uses IST Applications it gives you access to these digital possibilities. These are, for instance, applications that make it easy to apply for a pre-school placement, choose schools and courses, apply to change school, book appraisals, take part of assessments and information that will give you a good picture of your child's knowledge and development - all in one place , accessible through a single login. 

IST Applications for School 

All you need to know about your child's schooling available in one place - from admission to final graduation. The family view gives a clear overview of all you, as a parent/guardian need to know about your child's schooling. 


IST Applications for Childcare

Simple and effective tools in one place, which simplifies and ensures information and dialogue between parents and the childcare. 


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