IST Come & Go

IST Come & Go is a complete, user-friendly and efficient service for daily matters. With IST Come & Go we support the daily work of staff and simplify the daily lives of guardians within the childcare area. We offer guardians easy to use mobile services to keep the staff updated on the plans for each individual child. This is done via smartphone apps (iPhone, iPad & Android) or SMS. We also provide an easy to use presence/absence system for guardians and staff to keep track of the children at all times during the day. In daycare, we even allow the children to use the presence/absence system to indicate where they are during the scheduled daycare time

IST Come & Go offers a new and enhanced type of communication. Guardians get a complete overview and control of the schedule and appointments for their child at all times. We remove the need for paper slips, post-it notes and the checklists that guardians and staff manually need to fill out and keep track of in their hectic lives. Instead, we replace it with quick and easy communication using digital commonboards, SMS and e-mail. The guardians can easily notify the staff in case of illness or if the child has other appointments during the day via the mobile app provided in the IST Come & Go service. The service also offers great relief for the staff within childcare institutions, by providing a user-friendly and efficient service to get full control of the daily activities. IST Come & Go enables the staff to post information on digital commonboards or through quick and easy notifications or messages via SMS or e-mail. By using IST Come & Go the staff will increase efficiency which enables them to spend more quality time with the children. For management, IST Come & Go provides an overview of the daily operations within the childcare institutions on unit level. Among other things, it provides real and up to date statistics on actual presence and absence on unit level which enables more efficient planning and administration. With IST Come & Go, offered as an add-on, we can provide you with even more management analysis allowing you to manage your childcare operations in the most efficient way. All this is offered to you as a cloud based service, also known as Software as a Service (Saas), meaning that IST takes care operations and support to make sure that the service runs smoothly for you as a customer.

Key Features of IST Come & Go

  • Overview of schedule and activities for each child
  • Presence/absence system
  • Report time off
  • Daily communication between all stakeholders
  • Easy to use
  • Interface for guardians and staff based on role
  • Mobile apps, SMS, e-mail and digital commonboard
  • Communication between guardians and staff via SMS, e-mail and forum
  • More time with the children

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