IST Everyday

IST Everyday

Tomorrow's solution available today

With the most modern system for school administration, a new innovative learning platform, efficient support for scheduling and new solutions for improving communication between school and home, we help teachers, students, parents and managers to be their very best – every day.

IST Administration simplifies interaction between all different roles involved in managing the daily activities in a school. It enables efficient workflows for administration while providing a reliable communication between home and school.

IST Learn enables teacher and student collaboration with fully integrated tools for planning, education, evaluation and assessment.

IST Schedule makes the timetabling process much more efficient and facilitates resource planning.

IST Home simplifies the collaboration between home and school, providing parents with support, knowledge and inspiration to be more involved in their children’s development and learning.

IST can also provide a wide range of services. In our expansive and continuously growing service portfolio you can find anything from product related training and support services to services for school quality development and management, professional development and leadership training for the digitalized learning environment. Our partner network is continuously growing, bringing new competencies and products to our offering, making it possible for our customers and users to benefit from a wide range of additional solutions and integrations.

Solutions of the future, for tomorrow’s school, available today.

Hilde Benno Vaage

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