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IST Strengthens the Group Management Team

Published 26 September 2022

Håkan Furevik and Mikael Wahlberg are jointly assigned the role as Deputy CEO for IST Group. Together, they will have the full operational responsibility to lead the group and further strengthen the company’s market position going forward.

Håkan Furevik will, in addition to his current role as CEO for IST Sverige AB, also be responsible for the group-wide operational management together with Mikael Wahlberg. They will have a shared role as Deputy CEO for IST Group and the change will take effect immediately.

Photo of Håkan Furevik and Mikael Wahlberg, Deputy CEO for IST Group

“Mikael Wahlberg and Håkan Furevik will hold the operational responsibility for IST Group going forward. With their leadership, we’re now taking the next step towards reaching our goals, where user-friendliness is central. We will strengthen our current market position but also expand in growth markets. Now we have a good basis for this.”

Björn Sundeby, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the board

Håkan Furevik started as CEO for IST Sverige in February this year. Before that, he was CEO for the fast-growing Admentum, a company he co-founded in 2013 and which IST acquired in 2021. He also has a background as teacher and principal, important experience that he will bring into his new role.

More synergies and increased collaboration

In connection to Håkan’s new role as deputy CEO for IST Group, he will also take the overall responsibility for the group’s Norwegian company IST AS. The Swedish and Norwegian operations will in the future be run jointly, with the goal of better utilizing synergies and further streamlining operations. Ole-Christian Braathen, Country Manager for IST AS, will be operationally responsible for operations in Norway.

Håkan Furevik, Deputy CEO for IST Group: “I’m looking forward to continue developing our strong offering together with co-workers, customers, users and partners. Now we’re taking the next step towards an increased market presence, a greater user-friendliness and stronger collaboration with partners. Together, we can offer innovative solutions that improve the overall experience for our users. We also see many synergies with our Swedish and Norwegian operations merging. It will be an exciting journey.”

Mikael Wahlberg started the role as Chief Operating Officer in May. Now he steps into the role as Deputy CEO for the group. With a teaching degree and more than 20 years within the IT industry, including several roles in both technology and marketing at IST, he is now looking forward to an exciting chapter.

“IST has a unique position on the market. To maintain this, innovation and close collaboration is required, both with customers and end users but also with partners. Together, we will offer the best solutions for our users, both in our local markets but also from a broader perspective. It’s an important and exciting journey that we have already started.”

Mikael Wahlberg, Deputy CEO for IST Group