IST trainees - 2017

IST trainees - 2017

Name: Illia Kriukov

Role: Software Developer and a member of the IST Trainee Program 2017.

Education: Master's Degree in Software Technology from Linneaus University and Master's Degree in Information management systems and technologies from National Technical University in Ukraine.

You started working on IST in February 2017, how would you describe your first week?:  It was a intense and dense week with lots of new impressions. The first day I met the 11 other trainees and spent the first week together with them. It was a great start, a lot of impressions, fun and new experiences.

Why should a person apply for the IST-trainee program? If the person want to develop his or her skills, want to learn a new direction, want to improve some knowledge’s, get new knowledges, if the person like the school domain it’s also very good.

What’s the good parts of the trainee-program? It’s a great opportunity to develop analyzes-skills, because I have already some technical training program some years ago in java, but now it’s also more business value of the project, we should not only just develop a product we should also understand why we should create it, take some research, talk with people, understand the idea and what people really need, and apply our technical experience and our technical skills to this product.

"Its work but it’s also fun!”

Name: Simon Ha

Role: Business Analyst and a member of the IST Trainee Program 2017.

Education: Master's Degree in Industrial management and engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

How has your first time been at the IST-trainee program? It has been very developing in that way that I get a completely new focus and angles in my work. With the trainee-program it becomes a project that going on besides my regular job-role, where I feel that I learn and develop myself. 

What made you interested in IST: s trainee-program?  With the trainee-program I got the feeling that IST wanted to invest in a young recent graduated engineer and that I thought was very appealing and exiting. I thought the opportunity was valuable and that you at the same time got the chance to get in on the labor market by a specially formed program. 

“Sharing insights and getting feedback on the ideas helps us get closer to that final innovative solution.”

Name: Anastaasia Olefir

Role: Software Developer and a member of the IST Trainee Program 2017

Education: Master's Degree in Computer Science from Ukraine and Master's Degree in Computer Science from Linneaus University

What made you interested in IST: s trainee-program? The advertisement looked interesting for me, appealing. Because it wasn’t only related to coding, and at that moment I wanted to develop my knowledge in different areas, I wanted to improve my programming skills and therefore it looked like a good opportunity, and get the chance to develop something new!

What's the best thing with the program? I think it’s more fun than just having courses related to programming and coding. It helps us to wide our knowledge in different areas.