IST Value Added Reseller program

IST Value Added Reseller program

IST products software integration partners and resellers (IVARs)

As part of IST:s Value Adding Reseller (IVAR) Program a reseller act as extended IST entity, staffing their organization in order to acquire new customers on the IST platform (yet under their own brand), providing in house client services staff for support and implementation. Furthermore the IVAR are already in the business of education and K12 in particular, experienced in delivering software of high quality to customers in their region. 

Approved IVAR

Right to sell products from IST products portfolio in defined region. Marketing branding should always incorporate a powered by IST logo.

Preferred IVAR

Exclusive right to sell products from IST products portfolio in defined region. Marketing branding should at least incorporate a powered by IST logo. Potentially market branding could align with IST Group guidelines.

IVAR program criteria

Approved IVAR criteria

1 Ability to market and sell software products as well as manage customer accounts

1 Ability to implement software products

1 Ability to train customer regarding maintenance and usage of software products

Ability to build 3rd party integrations and customer specific reports

1 Ability to provide 1st and 2nd line support

Preferred IVAR criteria

1 Abilities in accordance to “Approved IVAR criteria"

A solid/strategic customer base in relevant educational sector

1 Ability to build customized regional/local modules to complement the core product

What IST offer to our IVAR’s

A IST Value Adding reseller not only acts as an extended IST entity, it is also treated as one. IST are committed to support our IVAR’s to make sure that they succeed with their sales in their specific markets. Therefore we provide the following:

 1  A comprehensive product portfolio

1   Products that apply is negotiated

1   Regular international product updates

1   Product documentation in English

Architecture and infrastructure

Product feature descriptions

1   Expert 2nd/3rd line support for application/platform errors

1   A designated product owner for your standard or international product requirements

1   An extensive, free of charge, IVAR training program

i   Professional user training

i   Software integration training

i   Regional/local module development training

1   Technical single point of contact during training phase

Besides what is stated above we also schedule regular follow up and feedback meetings to discuss business strategies and exchange experience.

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