IST to visit Kilango school in Kenya

7 / 11 - 2016

During the last seven years, IST has been involved with supporting the Kilango Primary School in Matuu, Kenya. Matuu is located approximately 1,5 hours outside Nairobi. During the years IST has donated different things, primarily with focus on IT equipment. Our commitment to Kilango school and our collaboration has now started to grow and we are looking in to other ways of helping out and participate in their work and everyday life. 

Four Danish students, Nikoline Kofod Madsen, Maria Marjorie Castillo Mayorga, Katrine Lundby and Lasse Nyhus Mikkelsen, who are studying Master of Science in information technology specializing in ICT learning and organizational change at Aalborg University in Copenhagen have been involved with ISTs Kilango project for the last year. They have been writing a paper focusing on how IST can expand their support and do more in Kenya, primarily around Kilango school, but also on a national scale. To further investigate the possibilities and to establish essential contacts, governmental and other, the students and one IST employee, Rebecka Lindhe, are travelling to Nairobi, Matuu and Kilango School.  

This trip will provide us with great knowledge on how we in the best possible way can help the school to expand and how we, in a long term perspective, can create a solid foundation for cooperation and bring value to both the school and the region. The group have plenty of meetings planned during the trip, with among others the SOS Children’s villages and the teachers’ union in Kenya. We at IST are very happy to get the chance to meet our friends at Kilango school, and to try and find new ways of working together.

During the stay Nikoline, Maria, Katrine, Lasse and Rebecka will blog and video blog about the experience and post updates on all IST social medias.

Some photos of Kenyan Kilango Primary School.