In Kenya - Blog day 5

In Kenya - Blog day 5

In Kenya - Blog day 5

12 / 12 - 2016

The day started of with our “African Mother”; Agnes. We were supposed to leave the hotel early but we stayed and met a guest who came and visited us at the hotel. Our surprise when the man we met yesterday showed up “to introduce” the other guest that was soon to arrive. Of course, very nice to meet him again. The invited guest was the Sub county director, Abdi. He is in charge of all the teacher in the Matuu area. We started to talk and it was very interesting. During his interview he mentioned the American election. This was the first interview when someone mentioned it. How bad it is. How much it effects their country and all of Africa. This is not supposed to be an article about the American election, but today I noticed that this election is something affecting us all. He mentioned that the soon-to-be president had mentioned that Africans are “only in the way” (and some other terrible things that I do not want to mention). They were feeling horrible about how they are portrayed for the rest of the world and they meant that it’s very hard to erase that stamp since it said from someone with that much power. I totally agree and understand his disappointment around it.

Happy students at a school we visited.

We talked about how IT could and should affect the schools and every teacher we have meet has had their own view on it. Of course this is a very popular subject and a lot of them has a clear view of how they hope IT can affect the society. And the schools. But Abdi had a good point on what kind of things that was needed to be done by the government for the IT to be as important as it should be in schools. The government are starting to introduce it but they are still far away from being able to introduce IT in all schools in Kenya. For example: A lot of the schools still lacks electricity.

Some photos from the school we visited.

We stopped by the land that Agnes & David has recently bought. The idea for the land is to build a school for the less fortunate children in the village and to educate IT. When Agnes started to talk about it you could just see the passion shining through her eyes. Very inspiring. She is very passionate about schools and taking care of children. It’s clear that it is a calling for her and I am very impressed by that. I’m impressed about everything she does and the effect she has on the society. It’s important that a person with good believes and thoughts are having positive respect in the community as well.

We had a lot of questions marks before, we never fully understood where she wanted to build the school and why, but we got our questions answered. Agnes explained why the land is a good place to build on, how we potentially could expand and what we could do to make it a place for connecting teachers from nearby. We were very glad to hear that the focus would be on building an IT-learning centre for teachers and students. The closest IT-learning centre, that are certified, are based in Nairobi (2/3 hours away, based on traffic) so it is a really good idea to build one and make the teachers from the smaller villages around come there and learn how to educate IT and ICT equipment. This is one of the big problems that a lot of school are facing right now. The government really want to push IT in schools and are trying to send out tablets but since a lot of the teachers are lacking basic knowledge about IT and ICT equipment they are struggling on educating students on how to use the tablets. As you might understand it’s of course connected to having electricity but the schools that have electricity are struggling with educating the students. The community of Matuu would benefit from having an education centre nearby. Agnes also wants to build a school where students can stay and live which of course would give a good foundation for future education and learning connected to IT. By that I mean developing students with a good understanding for IT and ICT equipment.