Management Team

Management Team

Louise Bagewitz, President, CEO & COO

Louise is driven by trying to create great results and move things forward, but also by giving others the opportunity to develop. When Louise was offered the role as CIO and Head of Business Support at IST she felt that it was a natural next step in her career. Louise loves the challenge of bringing it all together – the numbers, the processes, the people and the technology. Louise lives outside of Stockholm with her husband and two sons. She prefers spending her free time with friends and family and being something of a tech geek she enjoys trying out new gadgets and apps.

Catrin Cederling, Vice President, CFO

Catrin never dreamt of a career in economics, but soon realized that she was rather good with numbers. After receiving her Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics degree at Växjö university she worked at the Swedish Tax Agency and as an Accountant Manager at a production company, before she went on to Johnson & Johnson for 13 years, holding several positions within finance. In 2012 Catrin started to work at IST – first as an Accounting Manager and now as CFO. Catrin lives with her husband and two children, and love to spend time at the stables or out and about with her dog.

Anne Brink Pedersen, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Denmark

+45 2897 1100

Creating a better school has been a common thread throughout Anne’s career in the Ministry of Education and since 2018 as Head of Business Region Denmark at IST. This is what drives her and gives her energy. Anne believes that IST plays an important role in creating the foundation for better schools and daycare, and to carry out this role Anne finds it very important to keep focusing on the user experience and involving our many users in our product development. In her spare time Anne loves to go skiing – Vasaloppet as well as off piste – and she loves to spend time with her husband and daughter.

Torbjörn Karlsson, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Products

+46 705 92 32 30

To Torbjörn, the products are the hub of the company. If you manage them well, you can manage everything else. Being born into a family of engineers, he chose to educate himself within that field. Soon he realised that working with the bigger picture was more interesting. Via different project management assignments he went on working with product management and discovered Lean and the inspiring challenges in optimizing the production. In 2012 Torbjörn started to work at IST. One of his interests is flying and he held a pilot’s license for many years. He is engaged to his girlfriend and they have two daughters.

Tove Torstensson, Vice President, Head of Business Region Norway

Tove’s curiosity and fear of missing out on interesting experiences has led her to where she is today. Growing up in Gothenburg, Tove moved to Oslo after finishing her pre-school teacher studies where she got a job working with sales at IST. After over 10 years in sales Tove got the opportunity to become Sales Manager, a role she held until she took on the role as Head of Business Region Norway in 2017. Tove loves being part of the IST family where she gets to create great results through her talent for building relationships and her keen interest in people. In her free time Tove enjoys spending time with friends, family and neighbours. She lives in Oslo with Knut and their son Noa. 

Anne Frederiksen, Vice President, Head of Business Region Germany & CPO

Anne is all about the people – and empowering them. After finishing her studies of social science and communication at Roskilde University, she worked with communication at Ministry of Science. She joined IST in 2006 as a project manager, and after years of different roles, Anne took over as Head of Business Region Denmark in 2016. In 2018 Anne decided that she as IST’s CPO, Chief People Officer, wanted to focus on culture, social responsibility and cooperation across borders within IST. Anne lives on a farm and loves to spend time with her husband and their three children.

Oskar Schröder, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Partners

At school, Oskar’s favourite subject was physics, and his fascination with it has remained throughout his life. He founded the learning company Schoolido together with his sister Hanna in 2011, and had the idea to support a way of learning that includes everyone. To Oskar it is important to make a difference, for individuals as well as for society in large. Before starting Schoolido he worked with marketing and strategic communication for several years. In april 2017 Oskar started to work at IST as Head of Business Unit Partners. He lives in Nacka along with his soon-to-be wife and two kids

Mikael Adlers, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Home

Mikael likes challenges, both personally and professionally. Biking downhill, racing his catamaran or building the optimal team – he never stays in the comfort zone. Computers have been a part of his life since that first Commodore 64 and he went on to studying mathematics and took his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing. Mikael is passionate about building software efficiently and has held leading positions in companies like Motorola, Apple and Vricon Systems. Mikael lives in Linköping with his wife and their daughter. The family lives an active life, sailing, climbing, biking and running. Mikael enjoys his hobby programming projects, where he gets to try out new technologies.

Andreas Fridell, Vice President, Head of Business Region Sweden

Andreas is passionate about implementing change processes - he simply get things done. Despite his young age, he has a solid resume; Officer in the Swedish Army, communication studies at NBI, sales manager and Chief Commercial Officer. His energy and personal drive truly impress and there is always new projects ongoing. After living in a number of different places, he is now back in Växjö - his place of birth. With a wife working with decor and Andreas himself as a hobby carpenter, house projects are always on the agenda. The leisure time is devoted to his two children, with activities such as hockey, golf and exercise in general. His best memory from school is clearly the sport classes. Being interested in sports and ending up in a sports class in high school - it can hardly be anything but fun!