IST erwirbt RDT in Deutschland

IST erwirbt RDT in Deutschland

IST erwirbt RDT in Deutschland

30 / 6 - 2017

IST has acquired the German edtech company RDT, Ramcke Datentechnik GmbH. An acquisition that enables IST to strengthen its position and widen its range of products and services on the German market.

– A good local knowledge is required to successfully break into a new market. This is where RDT’s long experience and knowledge of the German market together with our international range of products and services, with local adaptations, is a very good combination, says IST CEO, Tommy Eklund.

First in Europe
Following the takeover, RDT will operate as IST Business Region Germany with effect from and including the 30th June 2017. In addition to existing products, it will also offer IST’s cloud-based solutions for administration, learning and scheduling for German schools. The offering embraces all activities within preschools and schools, both municipal and private.

– We are leaders in Scandinavia and first out in Europe, so it is important for us to have a partner that works in the long-term and has its finger on the pulse of the market. RDT is a highly respected supplier that really listens to and understands customers’ needs and requirements. Together, we see an enormous growth potential, says Tommy Eklund.

”Will create synergies”
Work is currently in progress to adapt IST’s products to the German market. The aim is to develop a joint cloud solution for a launch on the German market for the school year 2018/2019.

– We are pleased that IST has chosen us as a partner. We have the same goals and plans not only where it concerns our business development, but with regards to IT in schools. This will result in significant synergies, says David Baunsgaard, former MD for RDT and now Head of Business Region Germany at IST.

Meeting digitalization
– With IST’s products, we can offer a secure and modern solution that facilitates administration within schools and simplifies learning. It is a considerable step forward in the digitalization of German schools, says David Baunsgaard.

About RDT
Since 1987, RDT has developed modern software solutions for schools with a focus on school administration, educational learning environments and IT security. The company has 39 employees with offices in Neritz and Schmalkalden. Read more at

About IST
IST is the leading Nordic supplier of IT solutions for schools and childcare and has worked in close collaboration with schools for over 30 years. The objective is to improve the workday and activities for teachers, students and parents with the help of smarter IT solutions and value-creating services. The head office is situated in Växjö, with further offices in Stockholm, Linköping, Oslo and Roskilde. Today, the company has around 300 employees, approximately half of whom have backgrounds within schools and pedagogy. Read more at

For further information, contact
Tommy Eklund, CEO, IST, +46 (0)76 610 56 30
David Baunsgaard, Head of Business Region Germany, IST,  +49 152 53 504 274