Making Innovation a Habit

Making Innovation a Habit

Making Innovation a Habit

17 / 10 - 2019

Innovation is often referred to as essential for business success – but how do you make it a part of your daily work? At IST, innovation is implemented in different ways. For our department Products, innovation has naturally always played an important role. Working at the forefront of technology, the department is constantly looking for new and better ways to improve solutions and to create more user value. But the real challenge here is not innovation itself - instead, it's about making innovation a habit and not only isolated activities.

To create a new habit requires both structure and a willingness to do things in another way. To challenge what you do and the way you do it. At Products, innovation takes place on several different levels, where Lab days and Mod squads are two team activities where people can work with innovation and new ideas in a structured way.

Lab days and Mod squads
Lab days are held four times per year, aiming to test ideas and to further develop competence – both within the group but also on an individual level. These days are voluntary for everyone in the department, and the participants can choose to work individually or in teams. All ideas are welcome! Lab days have been arranged in the department for several years, with the purpose to give everyone the opportunity to step out of their everyday work and focus on new ideas or further develop their competence.

A way of integrating more disruptive innovation is through Mod squads. A Mod squad is a time framed project, focused on one objective. The innovation team for the Mod squad is cross-functional, and the membership rotates within the department, depending on focus area. The purpose is to work with innovation in a more proactive way and to take disruptive innovation ideas through all the stages ending in production and with a responsible handover.

An Innovative Culture
Both Lab days and Mod squads aim to create an innovative culture in the department. Many brilliant ideas originate from these projects and some are already in use in IST products today. Several of the internal processes used in the department also originate from Lab days and Mod squads. On a personal level, these activities encourage everyone to step out of the comfort zone and to further develop within their own field or area of interest. That is to live our mission; to Learn More.

Want to know more about Lab days/Mod squads, or how the department works with innovation?
Contact Tor Händevik, Head of Development and Operations in Business Unit Products