Partnerships with IST.


Partnerships with IST.

IST has fully embraced the idea of collaboration with different companies. Partnerships are considered a vital part of the IST business strategy as we aim to continue growing and providing more value to our customers. By partnering we can do that without compromising on quality and innovation in our core service.

Benefits of partnering with IST

IST is a market leader with business in more than 400 municipalities in our home markets Denmark, Norway and Sweden. With a strong and well renowned name in the market, IST can serve as the gateway to growing business. With a partnership we can grow together, offering even better solutions and more value to our customers.

Product areas where we partner up

There are a few areas where we are more active than others, when it comes to forming partnerships. However, these are just some of the areas where we and our offer have the ability to form strong, valuable partnerships. We are always looking for new possibilities.

Pedagogical Tools
IST provides market leading support in the Learn area, with tools for pedagogical planning, teaching and achievement, evaluation and assessment based on the two market leading platforms Microsoft Education and Google Application for Education. Through a new strategic partnership we now also offer easy access to pedagogical content as well as market leading learning analytics of student achievements and performance and quality work for both students and teachers.  

School photography
Thanks to a great partner collaboration with Jarocka we can now offer a truly unique solution to the well-known quality concerns with student photography. With seamless integration to our partner’s services the IST Photo Application now solves the parent consent problem and the distribution challenges while at the same time offering secure purchases with the use of an IST ID. It’s a win-win for the customer as well as IST and Jarocka. 

Strategic Partners


Founded in 1975, Microsoft has become one of the leading software companies in the world. We recognize the fact that customers can benefit greatly from a more integrated solution of Microsoft Education and Office 365, We are therefore proud to include Microsoft in our growing collection of partners available through our LEARN services


Google is, in the same way as Microsoft, an important building block in the IST LEARN landscape offer with their online, collaborative tools. Combined with our planning, evaluation and assessment tools we provide a complete solution for the modern school. 


Providing a neutral marketplace for learning content integrated with ISTs LEARN offering. More than 6000 schools have the possibility to access learning content through Skolon. As part of the IST LEARN framework Skolon slots into the learning process by making learning content relevant to curriculum and goals available..


Finally a photo service delivered and integrated with the school administrative system. Freeing up school administrative and management resources this service provides peace of mind as personal information is safely handled and necessary approvals are in place. And as an additional perk it makes the school administrative system look good with up-to-date photos of students and staff. All utilizing Jarocka’s modern digital solution in sync with your IST systems.


Being the market leader in the area of school analysis, Conexus’ tools contribute to increasing student and teacher performance by creating comprehensible overviews and summaries, along with recommendations for various actions by school leaders and teachers

Becoming an IST Partner

We are always interested in hearing from people and companies who see possibilities and who would like to try and create something valuable together with us. But if we are to become partners, it is important that we share a few basic values. So before taking the next step, take a moment to read about our view on what matters the most in business.

* Our dedication to customer support is second to none. It is the very core of our business and we pride ourselves with keeping a close relationship to our customers and being available to them. As we are in any one of the hundreds or even thousands of support calls we handle each day.

* We strive to work hard and smart. But most importantly always treasuring the trust we have with our customers. We welcome high flyers and free thinkers, but only if you genuinely value a satisfied customer more than anything else.

* We assume you understand the importance of precision and professionalism. Of handling data and sensitive information with respect. Of following guidelines and laws governing data security. But that’s a given.

* Finally we like ambition and good spirit - it makes every business relationship better and we do our best to provide the same. The purpose of any partnership is delivering better value for customers and creating growth for the participants - we look forward to doing that with you.

As Partners are such an important part of the IST strategy, we have an organization and a process in place to manage the cooperation from day one. Feel free to contact us even if you’re not sure of what kind of partnership you could offer or exactly what kind of solution you’d be interested in – we’re always happy to hear from you.

You can get in touch with our Partners Business Unit by using the contact information below.

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