Powering the Future of Edtech

Together we'll develop the future of edtech.

When people and organizations become increasingly dependent on digital technology, preparedness is key to keeping a high pace.

For over 35 years we have been at the forefront of the digital evolution in school and childcare. A commitment that continues as we support our customers and users in creating tomorrow’s school and the educational environment of the future.

For a better future

We’re changing the world.

It’s true. With our solutions for administration, learning and scheduling we provide schools and childcare with the tools they need for creating an environment where everyone will have the opportunity learn more. The better code we write, the better this learning environment will become.

It’s never “just code.” It’s something with the potential to change the world. Our actions today will have an impact on schools, teachers and students for decades to come. So, if we do our job well, our code will help building a better future for all of us.

Scandinavia’s leading edtech developer.

In a way, IST Products is the heart and soul of the IST Group. This is where it all began and this is where our core products are created and continuously developed. We release functionality for the modern school to a growing world market. Our products are adapted and modified to suit different local customer and user requirements.

We have continuous discussions with partners and potential resellers in various countries to further expand our international offer. It’s inspiring and it’s challenging. It is also a reminder that there are many people – customers, partners and users – that are depending on us to deliver what we promise, on time, all the time.

Cutting edge – from the inside out.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, our developer teams and system architects work closely together with product management to ensure that our solutions always are up to date – even behind the scenes.

We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to improve our solutions and to give our customers and users better tools to meet their challenges.

Building bridges

Simplified integrations.

Today, you must be able to integrate and expand your system, both with internal systems and systems from partners and third-party vendors. That’s why we employ a holistic approach to integration and have a common way of developing and integrating software.

Our development process and product strategy can be used for all integration needs, while also incorporating solutions designed for new and future needs. Contact us to find out more about how we work with integrations.

A professional approach.

When you’re in the business of learning you need great tools to achieve great things. We make sure our customers and users get them. It can be one of our internal Business Regions, an external reseller, or software vendor – our customers can rely on our commitment.

We always have our mind set on customer value and we never promise more than we can deliver. And we deliver what we promise – on time.

Great skills. That’s what matters.

We encourage individuality and believe that diversity is the foundation for creating growth and a truly dynamic working environment.

Our success comes from us finding ways of connecting, cooperating and collaborating. When we bring our different experiences, knowledge, perspectives and personalities together: that’s when we succeed.

Diversity makes us great and makes us a more dynamic, innovative and profitable company.

The future? Looking bright.

Today, schools are facing a massive challenge in creating the fully integrated and networked digital school. Here, we can make a difference! A commitment that depends on the people developing our products, and founded on our extensive experience from software development, our deep understanding of the digital environment and our knowledge about school.

This places us at the very center of the edtech evolution. With our digitalized, modular, process-oriented, automated and fully integrated products we will continue to be the driving force in the digital transformation We help our customers and users to create tomorrow’s school and the educational environment of the future.

Let’s together develop the future of edtech!

Together we can create the best opportunities for everyone to learn more. Contact us for more information.