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IST Administration

Efficient handling of school administration.

With IST Administration, you’ll get the most modern school administration system available today. It’s designed to help students, teachers, parents and school managers meet the challenges of an increasingly digitalized and integrated world.

You’ll get efficient workflows in your daily administration, together with a reliable communication between home and school.

Modern and cloud-based

School administration - Teacher teaching students in the classroom
For administrators and managers

Support in all processes

IST Administration is a cloud-based system that provides a wide range of smart and efficient tools for school administration on all levels. The system is user friendly, role-based and offers support through all processes – from annual planning to daily administrative tasks.

Automated routines provide quicker and safer handling of tasks. By registering data centrally and distributing it for local use, you’ll get a secured handling and a higher quality of data.

Efficient administration for schools and childcare

IST Administration is developed both for childcare and for school administration.
The components are combined to meet specific functions, roles and operational needs, while working as a fully integrated and coherent solution.

With adapted applications you’ll get a complete solution based on your needs and requirements.

Core applications for School:

Person, Organisation, Account, Calendar, Curriculum, Students, Staff, Classes, Groups, Reports, Archive and School Year Planning.

Additional applications for School:

Analytics, Course Selection, Billing, Grades, Tests, School Selection, Communication and School Attendance Monitoring.

Core applications for Childcare:

Person, Organization, Account, Supply, Application, Queue, Offer, Admission, Prognosis and Archive.

Additional applications for Childcare:

Communication, Staff, Billling and Analytics.

School administration - Primary school students gathered around a book

Simple integrations

IST Administration consists of different features to fit your needs and requirements, but additional solutions and integrations from our partners can also be implemented.

Contact us to find out more about our integration possibilities.

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Part of IST Everyday.

IST Everyday is a combination of products and services for a simplified school day. By combining functionality from IST Administration, IST Learn, IST Schedule, EduCloud and SchoolID, you’ll get a complete and fully integrated solution.

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