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IST Learn

Efficient tool for learning and communication.

IST Learn is a modern and open learning platform that provides students, teachers, parents and school managers with the tools they need to manage their daily work.

With automated functions and routines the workload is reduced, enabling students and teachers to get a more qualitative learning experience. It also enables efficient and secure communication between home and school.

More time for the students

For teachers

Support learning everyday

With the learning platform IST Learn the teacher gets efficient support for planning, teaching, evaluation and assessment – all in line with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum for primary and secondary education.

Illustrations of IST Learn learning platform on different devices
For students

Improved collaboration and communication

With the learning platform IST Learn the student gets tools that simplifies teacher and student collaboration and communication, as well as smart and simple tools for evaluation and assessments.

Fully integrated with Google Classroom och Microsoft Teams

IST Learn works perfectly with Google Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365; two of the most modern, flexible and powerful tools for co-operation and communication available today.

Teachers can do their planning and assessment directly in these platforms, instead of using overlapping functionality and unwanted technical detours.

Applications and professional services for school and childcare

The components in IST Learn are combined to meet specific functions, roles and operational needs, while working as a fully integrated and coherent solution. Additional solutions and integrations from selected partners can easily be added.

School applications

Plan & Assess, Quality Management, Analytics, Professional Development

Professional services for school

Technical Expertis, Trainings, 3rd line Support, Operations

Childcare applications

Plan & Assess, Come & Go

Professional services for childcare

Technical Expertis, Trainings, 3rd line Support, Operations

Illustration of a person laying in front of a folder with graphic illustrations around

Part of IST Everyday

IST Everyday is a combination of products and services for a simplified school day. By combining functionality from IST Administration, IST Learn, IST Schedule, EduCloud and SchoolID, you’ll get a complete and fully integrated solution.

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