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IST Schedule

Efficient and simplified timetabling and resource planning.

IST Schedule supports both the small school’s need for simplicity and flexibility and the larger school’s complexity. With a graphic and customized interface, the program helps you optimize your resources and work efficintly with scheduling for each lesson.

Efficient scheduling

Optimize your resources

Simplified resource planning

A permission system simplifies the handling of user access rights. Several schools can also share the same timetable solution, which enables the sharing of resources such as rooms and teachers. The timetable also becomes the basis for presence / absence registration.

Through an efficient optimization function, the program will schedule the whole timetable for you based on the conditions you specify.

Features in IST Schedule

Simplified timetabling

Use your time efficiently and let IST Schedule do the work for you! You can also work in parallel with your colleagues and share your resources across the organization.

Timetable optimization

A powerful optimization function enables you to make the most out of your resources. Share and allocate your personnel or physical resources within your organization.

Display on paper or devices

Show your timetable in a way that suits your organization; on paper, on the web or in the app. All depending on your needs and your own preferences.

Basis for presence registration

Use your schedule as a basis for efficient handling of presence and absence registration. The teachers can easily handle those tasks in a time-efficient way.

Resource allocation and booking

Book resources such as rooms and personnel in a simple way! The allocation function enables you to find and optimize the use of resources in the most efficient way.

Colleagues can work parallell

Administrators can easily work with the same timetable simultaneously, an efficient way to handle resource planning and to share resources.

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Part of IST Everyday.

IST Everyday is a combination of products and services for a simplified school day. By combining functionality from IST Administration, IST Learn, IST Schedule, EduCloud and SchoolID, you’ll get a complete and fully integrated solution.

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SDGs IST Forms

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

These are the four Sustainable Development Goals IST Schedule contributes to the most:

Goal 4: Quality Education

IST Schedule upgrades the digital infrastructure of schools to carry out effective scheduling.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

By reducing the material footprint of our users through cloud-based solutions that run on renewable energy and optimizing the use of resources for scheduling.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Through its cloud-based solutions that run on renewable energy IST Schedule can reduce the material footprint of its users and optimize the use of resources for scheduling.

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

By optimizing the allocation of school resources including classroom space, teaching staff and time when scheduling the school year.

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