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Secured and controlled management of data.

EduCloud provides you with a smart and GDPR-safe solution for handling school data. You can ensure that the information is shared securely with those who have needs and access rights.

Exchange of school data is simplified and streamlined, and you gather all the information from all IST systems in one place. You’ll get secure and controlled data management throughout the school’s digital ecosystem.

Safe and secure handling of data

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For municipalities and managers

Control your data flows

Make the school data smoothly available for the service providers you have procured, while ensuring security. You get total control of your data flows and you’ll see who has access to what data and for how long.

This facilitates your GDPR responsibility; you can control and minimize your data, whilst getting automated documentation about the data transitions made. Simple and secure for everyone involved!

For Service Providers

Simple integrations to municipalities

Create added value in your services by accessing school data! The dialogue is held directly between you and the municipality without us being involved, an efficient way of working.

You’ll get the data APIs in a standardized format. By implementing SchoolID as your secure login method, you’ll automatically obtain SSO to the IST systems.

This is what you’ll get:

Overview and controlled data flows

With a user-friendly interface, you’ll see what data each service provider has access to and for how long. This can easily be changed when conditions change.

Simple and smooth co-operation

All dialogue between the municipality and the service provider takes place without our involvement. Data is shared in real time, and updates no longer need to be sent.

Secure access rights management

The municipality controls which suppliers have access to which data and for how long, which facilitates the GDPR responsibility.

Added value for service providers

Through integrations and by getting access to school related data, service providers can create added value in their digital services.

Data according to SS12000 and SCIM

Service providers will receive data via APIs in SCIM, and according to the Swedish edtech industry standard SS 12000:2020.

Automatic SSO to IST’s systems

With SkolID as the authorized login method, service providers will automatically receive SSO to our systems.

We have chosen EduCloud as our integration engine because we truly believe in this way of working.

It’s gives us freedom and makes it easy for schools to control what information will be transferred into the integration.

Charlotte Fredin
Responsible for administrative systems for childcare and primary schools in Halmstad municipality, Sweden
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Part of IST Everyday.

IST Everyday is a combination of products and services for a simpler school day. By combining functionality from IST Administration, IST Learn, IST Schedule, EduCloud and SchoolID, you’ll get a cohesive and fully integrated solution.

SDG EduCloud

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

These are the four Sustainable Development Goals EduCloud contributes to the most:

Goal 4: Quality Education

EduCloud upgrades the digital infrastructure of schools to enable secure and controlled data management.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

By reducing the material footprint of our users. With our data center provider running on 100% renewable energy, the school data hosted by EduCloud has a minimal impact on the environment.

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

EduCloud promotes effective and transparent educational institutions through secure information sharing and access to reliable school data.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

By promoting effective and transparent educational institutions through secure information sharing and access to reliable school data.

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