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A Simplified Everyday Life is Most Important for Users

Published 27 February 2020

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An easier everyday life for school managers, administrators and teachers and good insight into preschool/school conditions. These are the two most important factors for the users when it comes to digital school administration systems.

Procuring a school administration system is a complex task. Many aspects must be taken into consideration and there are many stakeholders. Often those who are going to use the systems, i.e. school managers, administrators and teachers, are located far from the decision makers which further complicates the work.

For the outcome to be as good as possible, a user focus is required throughout the procurement phase. Insights about what’s most important for the users is valuable knowledge and should be taken into consideration. The digitalization of schools is a shared responsibility, and in order to benefit the students in the best possible way those working in preschools and schools need to have the right conditions for doing their job.

A simple usage of digital school administration systems is the most important factor for the users.

Easier everyday life

So, what is most important to users when it comes to digital school administration systems? A market survey conducted together with an external partner* shows that school managers, administrators and teachers, when choosing a digital school administration system, primarily want services that simplify everyday life for all users. School managers, administrators and teachers should access systems that relieve them and make time for other, more value-adding tasks.

It’s also important that the supplier has a good understanding of the preschool or school conditions. The supplier must understand the schools and the current challenges they are facing. With a better understanding and a common view, the systems can be adapted to areas where the need is most urgent – which will benefit the students.

The users also highlight customer support as one of the most important aspects when choosing a supplier. Customer support should be easily accessible and competent. Getting help quickly and easily when things are not going as planned is important from a user perspective.

Specialist within digitalization

The provider of a digital school administration system should also be a specialist within preschool or school digitalization. Digital development is moving fast, and the supplier must ensure that the digitalization benefits the organization in the best way. The users also highlight simple but secure login solutions to the systems. The supplier must be able to offer reliable systems where the information and data is stored securely in accordance with GDPR, laws and regulations.

It is important to have a user focus throughout the procurement phase. Solutions that simplify everyday life for users will provide valuable time for what’s most important: the students.

* The article is based on a survey conducted in 2019, where more than 2000 school managers, administrators, teachers, students and parents across Sweden, Denmark and Norway were asked about digital school administration systems. The study was conducted on behalf of IST in collaboration with Brand Clinic.