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Earth Week: A Week for Sustainable Initiatives

Published 22 March 2021

Following our commitment to become a more sustainable edtech provider, we’re putting extra attention to sustainability and environmental awareness this week.

Every week is a sustainability week. But due to the global Earth Hour on Saturday, we’re during these days putting extra attention to sustainable initiatives. We want to spread awareness about sustainability both internally among our co-workers but also externally among our customers and users. We must all take sustainable action together, and we’re devoted to follow our commitment on becoming a more sustainable business.

What does sustainability mean to us?

To us, sustainability is not a separate topic. It’s a way of running our business. We’re aiming to take sustainable action together with all co-workers on several levels, to minimize our environmental impact and become as close to carbon neutral as possible during 2021. To reach this ambitious goal, we must all together take our responsibility going forward.

Our sustainability strategy is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re actively working with the goals on different levels, both corporate and through local initiatives. We’re aiming to build a bridge between our core business, our carbon footprint, the software development, and the 2030 sustainability agenda.

Sustainability - Children laying in a circle on the grass

Guided by our management system

Our corporate management system enables us to work strategically with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re setting new business goals to measure our progress and to continuously improve our sustainability initiatives.

To further guide us in this work, we have a Sustainability Expert Group. Together they work actively with spreading awareness and inspiration within the organization. With one representative from each country, they share knowledge and ideas within their group and make sure to spread the word among all co-workers.

Taking sustainable action!

3 concrete sustainable actions we’ve recently taken:

But we want to be better! We’re continuously evaluating our way of acting, to minimize our overall climate impact. Together with co-workers, suppliers and customers, we can make a difference! For our user, for the planet and for future generations.

PS! This week our Sustainability Expert Group is running our Swedish Instagram account. Follow us there to find out more about what they do.

Earth Week is an initiative taken by Växjö Municipality in Sweden.