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We’re ISO 27001 re-certified!

Published 27 April 2021

Information security is always a top priority for us, and we’re very happy to announce that we’re now ISO 27001 re-certified! 

We’re constantly working with compliance on all levels within the organization, and we’re committed to stay on the top level when it comes to information security. Therefore, the re-certification of ISO 27001 is a great accomplishment and a proof that we are working in the right direction.

ISO 27001 logotype, Information security

Information security on all levels

Already in 2015 we got our first ISO certification. Since then we have continued to work with information security in a structured way throughout the organization. Our quality certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are the basis for our overall management system, and information security is incorporated on different levels within the company.

Photo of Niels Højgaard Nielsen, Chief Compliance Officer at IST.

It’s extremely important that information security is incorporated in all parts of the organization.

Generally, we see a bigger focus on compliance and information security within the public sector.

I’m very happy and proud that we’re now ISO 27001 re-certified!

Niels Højgaard Nielsen, Chief Compliance Officer at IST