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IST Schedule makes schools more effective and transparent

Published 23 November 2021

Are you in need of an efficient and simplified timetabling and resource planning platform that also helps make a difference on a larger scale? Then IST Schedule is the perfect match for you!  

Through its graphic and customizable interface, IST Schedule helps you optimize your resources and work efficiently with scheduling all your lessons. 

With the capacity to supports both the small schools’ need for simplicity and flexibility, as well as the larger schools’ complexity, IST Schedule helps make schools as effective as possible. 

Sustainability Development Goals IST Schedule contributes to: 

How IST Schedule contributes to the SDGs 

When using IST Schedule, you help upgrade the digital infrastructure of schools by carrying out effective scheduling. By optimizing the allocation of school resources, including classroom space, teaching staff and time when scheduling the school year, the platform makes it possible to spend more time on what’s truly important- teaching!

The platform is also developed so everyone can use it, with its integrated accessibility features user will be able to use all school-related systems and services within the platform, no matter if you’ve got a disability or not. 

IST Schedule even reduces the material footprint of its users through its cloud-based solutions that run on renewable energy and can therefore boosts the use of resources for scheduling.

Together towards a more sustainable IST 

Being a part of a sustainable society is very important to us at IST, and with the education sector becoming more digitalized, there is an increasing responsibility to address information security and data privacy within the school system. 

That’s why we, as a leading edtech company, strive to promote digitally inclusive learning environments by developing products that are accessible to everyone, while making sure that our products contribute to a sustainable world. 

To find out more about how our other products contribute to the SDGs, please visit our Sustainable Development Goals page