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IST Strengthens the Board and the Group Management

Published 18 September 2020

During IST Group’s Annual General Meeting on September 17, 2020, Mats Gunnarsson and Mikael Folkesson were elected as new members of the Board. Mats Gunnarsson takes over the role of acting CEO of the company and Torbjörn Karlsson and Mikael Wahlberg step in as Executive Vice Presidents for IST Group.

Mats Gunnarsson and Mikael Folkesson both have a background in the company, which gives them good insight into the business. In May, Catarina Mård Löwenadler was also elected as a new member of the Board.

Mikael Folkesson och Mats Gunnarsson.

I am very happy to have these people on the board. With their knowledge and experience, we are well equipped for the future. Our vision is that everyone should have the best conditions to learn more, and now we are taking the next step.”

Björn Sundeby, Chairman of the Board of IST Group AB*

Mats Gunnarsson will also take over the role of acting CEO of IST Group. In close dialogue and collaboration with Chairman of the Board Björn Sundeby and the Board, they will together be responsible for the company’s overall strategy and focus.

The company also strengthens its operational activities, where Torbjörn Karlsson and Mikael Wahlberg will be Executive Vice Presidents. Both have many years of experience from the industry and the company, and they now take a place in the group management for IST Group together with Martin Ludvigsson Wallette, CFO. Together with other members of Group Management, they will ensure continued strong development and planned growth in the coming years.

Customer value in focus

A stronger business focus where customer value is at the center permeates the entire company and is a pronounced marketing strategy going forward.

2020 has been an intense year for us at IST. We have made major changes – changes that have been necessary and which mean that today we have a completely different starting point than before. Today’s organization is better adapted to the market, where we are now getting closer to our customers and users. We look forward to 2021 with confidence – the forecast shows that it will be one of IST’s strongest financial years ever.”

Björn Sundeby


* IST’s board consists of Björn Sundeby (chairman of the board) and the members Catarina Mård Löwenadler, Mats Gunnarsson, Mikael Folkesson and Gösta Sundberg (deputy).