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Meet Bengt Welin, Development Manager

Published 5 May 2021

Bengt Welin never hesitated to start a new job, despite the ongoing pandemic. “My introduction at IST has been very good! I received a clear introduction schedule, and it has been an intense, fun and informative period.”

Name: Bengt Welin
Works as: Development Manager
Shortly about Bengt: Started at IST in December 2020, in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

In the beginning of December 2020, Bengt Welin began his new job as a Development Manager at IST. A choice he did not hesitate to make, despite the ongoing pandemic.

“No, I did not hesitate. But of course I thought about what it would be like to start in a workplace where most of the colleagues work from home.”

Despite this, Bengt thinks that the introduction has worked very well. With a clear introduction schedule right from the start, he combined online meetings with self-studies. During this period, he has had daily contact with his closest colleagues via Teams.

My first time at IST was both intense, fun and informative! Of course, there are some conversations, meetings and activities that give more if you have the opportunity to meet physically, but it has also been a great advantage when it comes to understanding my network within the organization.

Bengt Welin, Development Manager at IST

To understand the new organization

To get the possibility to see name tags of colleagues during an introduction has been rare before the time of the pandemic. And there are many names, titles and new faces to learn when you have a new job.

“When a (for me) new colleague has appeared in a meeting, I have been able to get information about his or her name, role and place in the organization via a click. A comparison there with the time before the pandemic would be that everyone in the office walked around with a sign hanging around their necks with corresponding information”, says Bengt.

Would you recommend others to start a new job despite the pandemic?

Bengt would definitely recommend others to change jobs despite the pandemic. Of course not just for the sake of it, but if you have reached the point when it’s time, he does not think you should hesitate.

The pandemic has been going on for a long time now, meaning that most employers have adapted and refined their routines according to the home working situation. This applies not at least to the on-boarding. I do not think one should hesitate because of this.

Bengt Welin, Development Manager

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