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Our Sustainability Report is now live!

Published 21 April 2023

At IST, our sustainability reporting is not just about addressing our environmental impact but also about taking social responsibility for how we’re running our business.  

Up until now, the main focus of our sustainability reporting has been on our carbon emissions and consumption, to live up to our environmental certification, ISO14001. However, sustainability is also about our impact on society and responsibly running our business. We will therefore be expanding our reporting to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) data going forward. 

Improving our reporting is key to being able to make informed business decisions and actions when striving to become a more sustainable IST. As a commitment to this, we have decided to start calling this report a sustainability report rather than a carbon report. The new name of the report can also be seen as our commitment to widen the scope of our reporting even more going forward. 

In 2022, our total emissions were 188 tons CO2, which is the equivalent of the average energy usage of 24 households. Since we started reporting on our emissions in 2019, we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 53%!  

Our carbon footprint is an indicator of that our new ways of working more online and from home are here to stay and contribute positively to the environment. In 2022 we travelled by plane 65% less than we did in 2019 and drove about 600.000 km less than in we did in 2019. We can also see a positive change in more of our employees taking public transportation and driving electric and hybrid cars.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about our sustainability reporting for 2022, please click the link below.