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IST Forms

Handle all parent consents digitally.

To handle your parental approvals digitally is easy, safe and it also reduces your climate footprint. IST Forms provides a smooth process both for parents and administrators.

Cloud-based handling of parental approvals

An easy and secure process

GDPR compliant handling of consents

The time for unnecessary paper slips is over! Parents can now easily fill out their consents digitally. The administrator gets a simple overview and can share the information securely with the right people.

Login is handled safely with our IDP SchoolID.

With IST Forms you can:

Create and distribute questionnaires

Easily create different questionnaires and distribute them digitally to parents. No more paper forms need to be sent back and forth.

Control who gets access to the information

Information about school photos, allergies, special diets etc. is easily shared with those who should access the information.

Log in easily and secure via SchoolID

Parents can easily and securely identify themselves with SchoolID to handle consents regarding their children.

Get an overview of all consents

The administrator gets an easy overview of all consents and can sort them, for example, based on class groups.

Update your existing consents

Parents can easily change or adjust their consents digitally, and the information is directly shared with the school.

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Simple and smart solutions for a simplified school day.

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Part of IST Everyday.

IST Everyday is a combination of products and services for a simplified school day.

By combining functionality from IST Administration, IST Learn, IST Schedule, EduCloud and SchoolID, you’ll get a complete and fully integrated solution.

SDGs IST Forms

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

These are the four Sustainable Development Goals IST Forms contributes to the most:

Goal 4: Quality Education

IST Forms upgrades the digital infrastructure of schools to handle consent forms securely between school and home.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

By reducing the material footprint of our users through cloud-based solutions that run on renewable energy and replacing paper with digital forms. Optimizing the use of resources for handling consent forms for administrators and parents.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Through its cloud-based solutions that run on renewable energy, IST Forms can reduce the material footprint of its users and replacing paper with digital forms. Optimizing the use of resources for handling consent forms for administrators and parents.

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

By ensuring secure and controlled distribution of digital forms in accordance with GDPR.

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