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We continued to improve our carbon footprint for the second year in a row

Published 25 August 2022

On our quest to become as sustainable as possible, we’ve produced our second consecutive carbon report. The report is part of our ambition of reaching our long-term goal becoming a carbon neutral company.

We first started measuring our carbon footprint in 2019 and since then, a lot of exciting things have happened at IST – not the least from a sustainability point of view.

In 2021, the whole IST organization reached an important milestone and became certified according to the ISO 14001 standard for our environmental management system.

We also had a particular focus on integrating environmental considerations into our ways of working and our management system and we put together an expert group of co-workers to focus on turning our sustainability strategy into local actions.

Throughout 2021, we’ve continued to systematically measure our environmental performance, set goals and take actions to continuously improve our environmental impact when it comes to our business activities, resulting in the whole organization saving about 169 tons of CO2 since 2019.

“This year we looked into our digital carbon footprint by measuring the impact of our data servers from a life cycle perspective. This gave us an insight into the resources and energy usage it takes to run our solutions in each of our markets. This can also be seen as a steppingstone which allows us to proactively work with developing solutions that can help our customers become more sustainable and thereby have a positive impact on the planet.”

Elisabeth Wandel, Sustainability Manager at IST

She continued: “Our overall carbon footprint shows us the areas where we can take meaningful action to reduce our negative environmental impacts. However, there is also a need to shift our focus to better understand how we can create a positive impact on people and the planet through digitalization.”

The carbon report is an annual report produced to cover the overall carbon footprint of IST Group as well as the data for each of our business units to help us achieve our long-term goal of reaching CO2 neutrality. 

You can find the full report here. If you’re interested to know more about how we work with sustainability at IST, please visit our Sustainability Page