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We’re ISO14001 certified!

Published 8 September 2021

After weeks of intense audits of our environmental management system, we can now proudly say that the whole of IST is ISO14001 certified!

This certification is a huge step in the right direction to become an even greener IST and it proves that the work we do is great- both for the people and the planet.

Through successful teamwork across our four business regions, we’ve managed to showcase how we work with sustainability and as a result of this, all nine IST offices are included in this certification.

ISO14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems that helps companies and businesses monitor their environmental impact and how to continuously improve the environmental work they are conducting.

“This is the first time IST has achieved an environmental certification that covers the whole company! We are super proud of the environmental work we’ve implemented within our core business and by following the ISO14001 framework, we’ve been able to gain some valuable insights into how we can improve the work we’re already doing to become an even more sustainable business,” said Elisabeth Wandel, Sustainability Manager at IST.

Elisabeth continued: “Working towards becoming a greener IST is not only beneficial to us, but it also helps our customers and users become more sustainable when they are using our digital solutions.

“Going forward, we will particularly focus on defining concrete action plans and policies to help us reach our goal of becoming CO2 neutral.”

We have through this certification process sufficiently proved that we:

For more information about how IST works with sustainability, please visit our sustainability page.