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Meet Peder Tornberg, Software Developer

Published 9 June 2021

Peder wanted to work with something that contributes to a better everyday life for students and teachers. In February he started his new job as a Software Developer at IST. “Well-structured onboarding routines and a helpful organization made the whole process a very enjoyable experience!”

New job during a pandemic - Picture showing Peder with the quote I want to contribute to a better everyday life for students and teachers.

Name: Peder Tornberg
Works as: Software Developer
Shortly about Peder: Started to work as a Software Developer at IST – in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

To dare changing job during a pandemic is not given. Despite that, Peder Tornberg did not hesitate when the opportunity at IST appeared. “It sounded fun and exciting to work at IST, that was what made me switch to a new job. And to be able to work with something that contributes to a better everyday life at school, both for students and for teachers.”

In February, Peder started to work as a software developer at IST, and he is very pleased with his first months. Being introduced to a new job when most of the colleagues work remotely is of course a bit special, but he finds the atmosphere very welcoming. “I had contact with my manager, with HR and with the team throughout the entire process. The atmosphere and helpfulness, from everyone at IST, made the whole process a very pleasant experience”, says Peder.

Especially the contact with the team members has been valuable, and he has always felt like he had someone to turn to with questions.

The team welcomed me with open arms. They have truly helped me getting started. In addition, well-structured onboarding routines and good follow-up contributed to that I quickly got into routines and working methods.

Peder Tornberg, Software Developer

Communication channels and routines important

Of course it’s challenging to be introduced to a new job remotely. But according to Peder, the challenges can be bridged with good communication channels and routines. Something he thinks IST has in place.

“The biggest challenge has been to be new to a team and to get to know your colleagues, but it has actually not been that difficult. It’s noticeable that IST works very actively to create a community and come up with good and fun things for its co-workers, despite these special times!”

Do you see any benefits from being introduced remotely?

When you start a new job, there are always many impressions and a lot of information that should be digested. There are many new faces and people you meet in the office.

In these times, there is more focus on the team and the closest colleagues, and gradually you can get to know more as you become more familiar with your working tasks.

Peder Tornberg, Software Developer